WhipSmart Privacy Policy

At WhipSmart, safeguarding customer privacy remains our utmost priority. We are fully dedicated to delivering top-notch services and products while ensuring the confidentiality of personal data collected. Our stringent protocols adhere strictly to the Australian Privacy Principles 2014.

This policy delineates how customer information is utilised in compliance with relevant legislation.

The enactment of a comprehensive Federal privacy framework in 2001, under the Privacy Act 1988 and its subsequent amendments, alongside the Australian Privacy Principles, underscores our commitment to handling personal information responsibly.

We acknowledge the paramount importance of personal data privacy and our obligations under these laws regarding data acquisition, storage, and management.

This document provides clarity on the information gathered, its collection methods, intended use, and requisite consent. For any queries regarding this policy, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Information Collection and Usage

While our primary source of customer data is direct engagement, we reserve the right to collect and share information with third parties as mandated by State and Commonwealth laws.

Typically, the information retained includes customer contact details, financial interests, and history with WhipSmart’s products and services. The specifics may vary depending on individual transactions.

We refrain from gathering sensitive information unless required by law. In cases involving insurance-related products, health information may be collected solely for underwriting or administrative purposes.

Moreover, personal data may be collected from job applicants expressing interest in opportunities with WhipSmart.

Customer information is securely stored within WhipSmart’s premises, accessible only to authorised personnel with proper credentials. Customers also have access to their data through the WhipSmart website using their unique login details.

Information Collection Methods

While customer information is primarily sourced directly, there are instances where data may be obtained from third parties, such as credit reports or transaction data from relevant providers.

WhipSmart’s website requires the acceptance of cookies for login purposes, but these are not used to collect personal data. Website statistics are gathered for analytical purposes without identifying individuals.

Usage of Information

Our main objectives in collecting customer data include providing quality products/services, addressing inquiries, maintaining accurate records, and fulfilling legal obligations.

Specific personal information may be shared with partner companies for service facilitation but not for marketing purposes without consent. Marketing materials sent by WhipSmart include opt-out options for future communications.

Personal data may also be utilised for product development, customer relations, internal operations, compliance, and collaborative efforts.

WhipSmart may outsource certain functions to third parties under strict agreements limiting the use of personal data.

Customer Consent

By engaging with WhipSmart’s services, customers implicitly consent to the outlined data collection and usage practices. Express consent may be obtained verbally or in writing, while implied consent is inferred from conduct.

Withholding consent may limit certain interactions or services. Information security measures are in place to prevent misuse or unauthorised access to customer data.

Third-party finance providers may also be involved in certain transactions, and they may have their own privacy policies. In such cases, customers will be required to acknowledge and consent to the privacy practices of these providers. WhipSmart ensures that customers are fully informed and empowered to make decisions regarding the handling of their personal information by these third parties.

Anti-Spam Compliance

WhipSmart adheres strictly to anti-spam regulations, ensuring that communications are sent only to those who have expressly consented. Opt-out options are provided, and emails clearly identify WhipSmart as the sender.

We only send messages to email addresses when individuals have explicitly consented to receive them. This consent is usually inferred from the provision of the relevant email address.

All email communications from WhipSmart are pertinent and essential. In cases where communications involve general marketing, customers are given the choice to opt out of similar communications in the future.

Our emails consistently identify WhipSmart as the sender, include our contact information, and offer a straightforward method for unsubscribing.


WhipSmart remains committed to maintaining customer privacy while delivering exceptional services. Our practices are aligned with legal requirements, ensuring transparency and accountability in handling personal data.