Upon submission of your online application, we will submit you application for approval. If approved, we will generate novated lease documents for your review and digital signature. Upon completion of the signed documents, a binding agreement is formed between WhipSmart ACN 662 603 732 (“WhipSmart, Us, We”), the selected finance provider, and the individual named in the quotation (“You, Your”), subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein.


  • The quotation generated by our systems is based on the information provided by You to WhipSmart and is subject to the applicable tax laws and rates as of the quotation date.
  • All costs and budgets provided are estimates based on the information You have supplied and are provisional. Actual lease costs may vary, considering factors such as Your vehicle usage, incurred expenses, and fluctuations in goods and services costs.
  • WhipSmart will not be held liable for any discrepancies between the provided quotation and Your actual lease and operational expenses.

The information provided is general in nature and should not be construed as financial or legal advice. Neither WhipSmart nor any affiliated entities assume any responsibility or liability for reliance on the information contained herein.

Upon signing the quotation, You acknowledge:

  • The recommendation to seek independent financial advice regarding Your personal financial situation before entering the lease.
  • That WhipSmart may engage third parties for salary packaging and fleet management, with associated fees.
  • That insurance premiums are subject to annual review by underwriters and may change.
  • Your claim of the tax-free threshold.
  • The vehicle’s specifications regarding carrying capacity (1 tonne) and passenger limit Max 8 passengers.
  • That running cost allocation is an estimate and may be higher than estimated.
  • That WhipSmart is not responsible for vehicle delivery.


If WhipSmart agrees to order a vehicle on Your behalf:

  • The signed quotation constitutes a binding agreement.
  • You confirm the accuracy of all vehicle and personal details.
  • You consent to WhipSmart ordering the specified vehicle.
  • You agree to enter into a lease agreement for the vehicle.
  • If you fail to enter into a lease agreement after a vehicle has already been acquired, you will be required to pay a minimum Cancellation Fee of 20% of the vehicle cost.
  • WhipSmart may withdraw from the agreement if unable to provide the vehicle at the quoted price or specification.
  • WhipSmart is not responsible for vehicle delivery.


Upon signing the quotation, You authorise WhipSmart to:

  • Set up and manage accounts with relevant third-party suppliers.
  • Receive specified amounts from Your employer on Your behalf.
  • Hold and manage funds throughout the lease.
  • Provide periodic account reports.
  • Take measures in case of fraudulent behaviour or deficit in account balance.
  • Close Your account and invoice You for outstanding amounts if necessary.
  • Handle account balance distribution at lease completion.

WhipSmart does not provide financial, taxation, or legal advice. It is Your responsibility to seek independent advice. Neither WhipSmart nor any affiliated entities assume any liability for reliance on provided information.


The information provided on this website is general and does not consider your personal circumstances. WhipSmart does not provide financial or taxation advice regarding salary packaging or novated leasing. It is recommended to seek independent professional advice before making any decisions.

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